Mindride creates startlingly unique immersive experiences. We combine a deeply human creative vision with a bleeding edge technological perspective. Our hybrid techniques for next-gen story-telling emerge from our passion and our 20+ years of experience in the arenas of immersive theater, large-scale events, interactive technology, ride-design, gaming, virtual and augmented reality, neuroscience, and physical computing. 

Mindride’s team has worked in collaboration with clients such as WALT DISNEY IMAGINEERING, AUDI, R/GA, THE AD COUNCIL, LOGAN & SONS, HUGE, and MGM/UA.

Most recently Mindride designed the production, live experience, and technology for the viral campaign Love Has No Labels, which is currently the most viewed campaign of 2015, with close to 98 million views online. 

To conjure the most transcendent human experiences, Mindride is cutting into the membrane of the possible, opening an aperture into the impossible.  

CCO xxxy

Designer Ben Kato

Interactive Systems Engineer Nick Suda

Lead Programmer Michael Todd

Founders Michelle Stern, Jeremy X, Yehuda Duenyas